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Hospital Beds vs. Regular Beds

Friday, October 28, 2005

What are the benefits of a hospital bed vs. a regular bed? Or even an adjustable bed? The benefits are numerous. Hospital beds have many features that are simply not available on standard beds. The hospital beds in our inventory are fully adjustable, providing maximum comfort and support, thereby reducing aches and pains of the back, neck, hips, and legs. The electric hospital beds are easy to operate for both patient and caregiver as they don’t require manpower and feature an easy-to-use remote. These hospital beds feature swivel casters that lock, making the hospital bed not only easy to maneuver, but keeps it securely stationed when needed. Unlike standard beds, hospital beds feature adjustable railing systems to ensure no falls during sleep and they also add support when getting in and out of bed. With welded steel construction, these hospital beds are designed to be much sturdier than any standard bed made. As well, there are variations in hospital bed models designed for specific needs and body types. Hospital beds also have narrow design features. This allows the patient to reach a bedside table or tray with optimal convenience, allows the caregiver to do his or her job without having to traverse both sides of the bed, and allows necessary access for equipment such as patient lifts and I.V. stands. If you are a caregiver or someone who has special bedding needs, a hospital bed will provide you convenience and comfort. For more information, please read this information page on hospital beds.


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