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Patient Lifts and Hoyer Lifts

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Aside from the bariatric patient lifter that you carry, I don’t understand the difference between one model to the next. Could you please explain what makes one patient lifter particularly different from the next? Thank you. Each patient lift has specific design features that differentiate each model from the next. The first feature to consider is how the patient lift is powered. Except for the LP30 Electric Patient Lifter, all patient lifts are operated manually with the assistance of a hydraulic cylinder. All are easy to operate; the electric patient lift is just a little more convenient. Another feature to consider is the design of the base. The LP15 model has a “C” shaped base whereas the other models don’t. This is something to consider when room space is a factor. As well, different models have different weight capacities. The LP30 can lift 500 pounds, the LP10 can lift 400, and so on. The last significant differentiating feature to consider is the actual weight of each unit. Some models are heavier than others, but this is due to the load bearing capacity of each model. The heavier the model, the heavier the load bearing capacity. As for the many congruent features that each patient lift shares with the next, that only ensures that each patient lift is constructed with the same standards as the next model. For more information on patient lifts and hoyer lifts, take a moment to read this information page.


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