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The Essential Answers You Need When You're Using a Blood Glucose Meter

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Learning that you need to use a blood glucose meter can be scary enough for someone who might be afraid of getting their blood taken. Thankfully, technology has created blood glucose meters that are easy to use as well as quick and painless. If you're nervous about this new daily routine, you can ease your worries with these answers. How Often Do I Need to Use a Blood Glucose Meter? The answer to this question is only something your doctor can give. Much of their decision will depend on your current eating habits, exercise habits, as well as your diabetes history. If you've had troubles maintaining your blood sugar, you might need to keep track of your levels more often, while those who have not have blood sugar troubles might not need to check as often. For most people, at least 5 times a day is the standard schedule. Will I Need to Switch Fingers? If you've already been using a blood glucose meter, you might have noticed that older models took a bigger chunk out of your finger, and thus the skin hardened after a while, requiring you to switch fingers from time to time. This is typically not an issue with modern blood glucose meters. Because these take less blood and require a smaller prick, you can easily use the same finger again and again without troubles. Can I Use a Blood Glucose Meter on Different Parts of my Body? This depends on the type of meter you choose. Many newer models are able to not only prick your finger for a reading, but also your forearm. Make sure to check the blood glucose meters you look at to see what options you might have.

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