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The Essential Answers You Need When You're Using a Blood Glucose Meter? : Part 2

Thursday, June 05, 2008

How Quickly Will I Get a Reading? Different blood glucose meters will produce readings at different speeds, but it's common to see a blood glucose meter reading after just 10 seconds. This allows you to quickly assess any steps that need to be taken – more sugar, more insulin, etc. How Can I Monitor My Health with a Blood Glucose Meter? Many blood glucose meters will now store information about previous readings. This allows you to spot patterns and to see where you might need to make changes in your diet and exercise plans. If your meter does not offer this option, keep a journal of your readings to show your doctor at follow up appointments. Do I Need any Equipment Along with My Blood Glucose Meter? You will need testing strips for most blood glucose meters. When you initially buy the meter, you might get strips in the package, but double check to ensure that you do. These strips are what you feed into the meter in order to get a reading. How Do I Pay for My Blood Glucose Meter? Most insurance companies will cover some, if not all, of the costs of blood glucose meters. You might want to check with your health insurance company first before you head to the store to see whether they will reimburse you or if you need to shop at a certain supplier to get the equipment you need.

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