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The Most Important Questions You Forgot to Ask About Blood Glucose Monitors: Part 2

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Why are Blood Glucose Monitors Recommended Over Blood Glucose Meters? Because you can only prick and stick your finger so many times during the day with a meter, a blood glucose monitor is much more reliable in terms of its results. To get the same sort of accuracy, you will need to make sure you were checking your blood with a meter at the exact same time each day, under the exact same conditions, etc. This tends to be too much for the busy patient and well as producing inaccurate results for the doctor. When are Blood Glucose Monitors Recommended? If you're having troubles keeping your blood sugar level, your doctor might recommend a blood glucose monitor test. This can be done as many times as necessary over the course of your treatment, and it can pinpoint lifestyle changes that might need to be made or medication changes that might be required. It is essential that you follow the doctor's orders specifically to ensure they are seeing the numbers they need to see. You should realize that this is not meant to be a daily device or testing option. And you will still need to use a blood glucose meter to check your blood sugar levels as indicated by your doctor. It's not one or the other. This testing should also be covered by your health insurance policy. What is the Future of Blood Glucose Monitors? The general thought is that eventually a blood glucose monitor could work in conjunction with an insulin producing device, like an artificial pancreas. For those with diabetes, this could help to ensure a normal life and a lower risk of long term health effects. Instead of having to take medications or monitoring their diet, they could eat normally and exercise without worrying about the influence of insulin on the body.

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