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The Top Four Questions You Need Answered about Insulin Resistance

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Getting any new diagnosis can be a scary situation, even if it is something that's completely treatable – like insulin resistance. But whether you've been diagnosed or someone in your family has, you need to know the answers to these four common, yet crucial, questions. What are the Symptoms of Insulin Resistance?

If you're already concerned about insulin resistance, you might want to look out for these symptoms:

  • Brain fog – You might not be able to concentrate as well during routine tasks. You might find yourself feeling 'out of it.'
  • Depression – Some patients with insulin resistance report having troubles with their moods. They might feel down about their lives and about the way they feel.
  • Fatigue – When your body can't process sugar in the normal manner, you can have troubles with sleepiness and fatigue.
  • Bloating – Since you might not be able to process sugar in the proper way, your intestines might be more susceptible to problems with flora and natural bacteria, leading to belly bloating.
  • Weight gain around the middle – If you find that you are gaining weight around your middle more than other parts of your body, this might be a sign of IR.
  • Higher blood pressure readings – Since your body is taxed from trying to break down the sugar, your blood pressure can increase.
  • Higher triglycerides – The less your body can break down things in the bloodstream, the more likely you are to have higher triglyceride counts.
  • Low blood sugar – When you don't eat regularly, the overproduction of insulin in the body can create times of low blood sugar.


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