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Do hospital gowns come in different styles and designs?

Monday, August 18, 2008

One of the biggest advantages to using well made hospital gowns is that you can buy them specially made for all kinds of different uses. Certain gowns are made to allow for easier IV placement and care. These gowns normally have snaps located on the sleeves and shoulders of the hospital gowns. Those snaps allow the medical professional to simply move the material out of the way for care. Nursing gowns have a similar design so new moms learning to nurse their infants can expose their breasts easily and with only one hand. There are other types of hospital gowns made for use in surgery. Many hospitals try to stock hospital gowns designed for the genders as well. It’s more pleasant for the patient to have a properly fitted hospital gown. Can you order hospital gowns in those hard to find sizes? For the most part, the hospital gown manufacturers go with a one size fits all philosophy. However, within the one size fits all, there are small, medium, and large. As far as adult hospital gowns are concerned, you can also find them made in petite sizes for shorter people, tall sizes for the very long and extra large sizes. As much as no one likes to think about a child being in the hospital hurt or sick, it does happen. Hospital gowns are made for children as well. The nice thing about these gowns is that they often are available in bright, fun colors and possibly cartoon characters to make the experience less frightening.

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