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How do you care for an all cotton lab coat?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Especially in the hospital or lab environment it’s not uncommon for the facility’s policy to dictate that all lab coats cotton or otherwise, be sent to a hospital grade laundry facility for cleaning. These places are equipped with washing machines that have hot enough water to kill any microorganism that might be lingering on your cotton lab coat. They also use washing chemicals and soaps designed to ensure the level of cleanliness that is essential when treating injured or sick people. The nice thing about sending your cotton lab coats away to be laundered is that you don’t have to do it and they always return without any stains. Is white the only color option when it comes to cotton lab coats? White is by far and large the most popular color choice for cotton lab coats. In some offices or hospitals, other colors are used to distinguish the kinds of medical professionals. For example, in some teaching hospitals, the students wear white cotton lab coats, while the more experienced doctors wear black. It’s also not uncommon to see nurses in teal or pink lab coats as a distinguishing feature. Cotton lab coats are available in all kinds of colors. It’s up the facility policy as to what colors are appropriate.

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