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Is the length of the doctor coat still an indication of seniority and importance in the medical community?

Friday, August 15, 2008

The medical field is a highly competitive job arena and there is a good chance it will always be. However, the length of a doctor coat is no longer an indication of the prestige and ability of a doctor. Some doctors prefer to not wear one at all, while others prefer to work in a specific length coat. The responsibilities of a physician have to be taken into account as well when deciding on the length of the doctor coat. Some hospitals and other medical institutions also may have set in stone policies about the style, color, and length of the approved doctor coats.

Is there any way to decorate a doctor coat and set it apart from the rest of the doctor coats in the hospital?

It is more than possible to add a bit of personality to your doctor coat. Some doctors like to wear coats with colors or even prints to spice things up. Pediatricians in particular are known for not wearing a doctor coat at all, or picking one with a child friendly theme. It helps to put their little patients at ease. Even doctors who primarily work with adults might prefer to have a doctor coat in their favorite color. It’s up to each and every individual doctor, not to mention the above mentioned policies of the office, hospital, or other medical facility they may work in.

Is there a difference in men and women’s doctor coats?

Doctor coats can be ordered specifically for men or women. The more popular choice is to wear the unisex options available.

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