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What is the function of surgical caps in the operating room?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

As a medical professional or a person with common sense, you know that surgical caps are used to protect both the medical professional and the patient. The surgical cap is in place to prevent hazardous bodily fluids from splashing onto the doctor or nurse’s hair and head. They are also used to prevent hair from affecting the vision of the medical professionals.
On the other hand of the spectrum, loose hair or even other contaminants like hair products or dandruff is dangerous to the patient. He or she is already weakened from the circumstances that lead them into the operating room as well as from the procedure. It’s crucial to ensure that the patient is protected from any possible contamination.
What is the purpose of having personal surgical caps in your favorite colors, styles, and patterns?
In such a serious career as medicine and surgery, medical professionals spend enough time dealing with the tragedy of life. Naturally, there is joy in there too, but it comes after the hard part of saving someone’s life. There is nothing wrong with a bit of levity in the operating room.
Of course, any patterns or images chosen for a surgical cap really should be appropriate for anyone, patient or medical staff to see. Beyond that concern, doctors and nurses help their own morale as well as that of the rest of the team when they display the fun side of things in their headwear.
As a matter of fact, many patients appreciate seeing the human side of the people taking care of them. When a person is apprehensive about a procedure or surgery, seeing a familiar image or character can make a huge difference.

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