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What is the main purpose of scrub hats for medical professionals?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The main purpose in wearing a scrub hat for medical professionals is to make them miserable. No, in all seriousness, scrub hats are intended to keep doctors and nurses comfortable while in the operating room by keeping their hair out of the way of biohazards and their vision. Scrub hats are also used to make sure the patient is protected from any potential contaminants in the medical professional’s hair and the hair itself. Non conformity with this regulation can result in all kinds of problems with malpractice charges and possibly even loss of a professional’s medical license.
What style of scrub hat works best for women in the medical field?
Of course, every professional is going to be different, but many women working in the medical surgical field like the bonnet style of scrub hat. They are designed to be comfortable and light weight, usually made from cotton fabric. Women can also expect to find adjustable cords in the hats for making sure their scrub hats fit properly and won’t slide or fall off in the middle of a procedure. The wide front bands on this type of scrub hat is vital for eliminating the discomfort and less than attractive look of lines on the forehead left by harsh elastic bands. Leaving the elastic for the back section of the scrub hat seems to work better. As noted though, every female medical professional is different and no doubt has her own idea of the perfect scrub hat.

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