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What is the primary function of disposable lab coats in clinical settings?

Friday, August 15, 2008

The most common function of disposable lab coats is the same as the other versions of this specialized product. Lab coats are intended to protect the wearer from potential hazards typically found in the medical and scientific environment. Things like human bodily fluids, man made chemicals and acids, as well as fire hazards are common in hospitals and laboratories. The lab coat is worn to guard against these hazards.

Another, though less important, function of the lab coat is to distinguish medical professionals from the rest of the population in a medical environment. In the case of disposable lab coats, they are also used for guests and visitors of the facility.

Is there anything you do to gain access in a non static environment and still wear a disposable lab coat?

Considering that even the non disposable lab coats aren’t appropriate apparel in no static zones in most cases, it’s pretty important to figure out how to access these areas safely. Not all disposable lab coats are made for this purpose, but you can certainly order disposable lab coats in the static free variety. These are perfect for medical professionals and guests alike.

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