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What is the real function of the cotton lab coat?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Despite the popular opinion that lab coats are intended to make medical professionals look important, cotton lab coats actually have some pretty important functions. It’s unlikely that you went into this career field with the idea that you would stay clean. Practicing medicine is dirty business and you need protection. Cotton lab coats are intended to protect the doctor or nurse from potentially hazardous materials like blood, urine, and other bodily fluids. They are used to protect the professional from man made chemicals and acids as well.
The cotton lab coats are also very effective for their fire resistant covering in the medical lab. Even small particles of solid material like dust or aerosols are repelled for the safety of the medical professional and the patients he or she treats in the course of a day.
What makes cotton such a good choice for lab coats?
There are all kinds of materials you could choose for your lab coats. Cotton polyester blend is popular and there are specially made fabrics that are rather expensive that have been formulated for lab coats. However, cotton has some advantages that simply can’t be duplicated by blending fabrics or in a lab somewhere. You can expect the cotton lab coat to last a long time and be incredibly comfortable to wear. There is no way to ignore the soft quality of pure cotton. Not only is it pleasant for you to wear, you can bet your patients are going to appreciate the softness of your coat as well. Especially for those medical professionals with sensitive skin, an all cotton lab coat is a good choice since it tends to be less abrasive to the skin.

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