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What is the true purpose of a patient gown in clinical practice?

Monday, August 18, 2008

While many patients likely feel that patient gowns were designed to make them feel even more awkward than they already do, in reality, patient gowns are used to preserve as much modesty of the patient as possible, while allowing the doctors and nurse the access they need to properly care for the patient. With proper precautions and use, the medical professionals can limit both the physical and emotional discomfort of the patient.
What is the best material to have patient gowns made from?
The right material for the patient gowns in your practice is going to depend on the type of medicine practiced, the location of a good hospital quality laundry service, and your personal preference. Paper gowns are usually used for in office exams and relatively quick procedures. However, many doctors prefer to have their patients as comfortable as possible and try to have cloth patient gowns on hand whenever possible. It’s also a good idea to stock several different sizes for the best fit of all of your patients.
The standard cloth patient gowns you will find are typically made from cotton or a cotton polyester blend material.

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