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What kind of options can you find in the disposable lab coats?

Monday, August 18, 2008

It has already been mentioned that disposable lab coats are available in static free versions. You can also find these helpful products in a variety of colors and patterns. Especially in the fields where children are often the patients, many doctors and nurses find it helpful to wear lab coats that appeal to their patients and make the experience less traumatic for the young ones.
Even if the patients are adults, it’s still a nice option to pick from colors and patterns. Wearing nothing but white and blue can get very boring. In some facilities, disposable lab coats in different colors are used to distinguish among the medical professionals. For example, doctors might wear blue, while lab techs have green coats and nurses where white.
In what situations would it be necessary to give visitors disposable lab coats for their safety and the safety of the patients in an institution?
Any time medical professional needs to bring an outsider into a sterile environment, the visitor should be given a disposable lab coat. Expectant fathers often are required to dress in sterile wear for the well being of the mother and new born child. People visiting loved ones who are suffering from any disease or treatment that lowers their immune system need to wear a disposable lab coat to avoid contaminating the ill person.
How do you properly dispose of a disposable lab coat?
The best way to get rid of a used disposable lab coat is to place it in the proper recycling bin. In the event that the disposable coat is soiled heavily or has any bio hazardous material on it, it’s best to place it in the biohazard containers that should be present in any patient’s room, exam room, or operating room. One of the biggest advantages to using disposable lab coats is that you can quickly and effectively confine any dangerous materials that might get on it.

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