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What works best for men when they are in the operating or treatment room?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Most men, especially in the medical field, don’t tend to have long hair to keep out of their way. However, that doesn’t mean they can get by with leaving their heads uncovered. The puffy bonnet style the women favor is probably going to be overkill though. Male doctors, nurses, and technicians are usually better off with scrub hats in the skull cap style. The scrub hat fits close to the head and typically only has a single layer of material at the crown to prevent becoming overheated under the hot operating room lights. These scrub hats usually have long ties located in the back for adjusting to the proper fit.
What can be done with scrub hats to make them more pleasant for the medical professional to wear and more comforting for scared patients to look at?
Naturally, there is always a certain level of decorum that should be respected when a doctor or nurse dresses for the day. Scrub hats should never have off color phrases or pictures on them. You never know who you might offend. With that said, there are plenty of ways to make high quality scrub hats more fun to wear. You can find them in a huge assortment of colors and patterns for both men and women. Medical professionals, who work with children especially, will find that cartoon characters on their headwear can help make a scared child feel more comfortable. This technique is pretty effective on adults as well.

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