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Which materials are best for surgical caps?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Most disposable surgical caps are made from a thin nylon material. They are capable of keeping the hair and head clean. The nylon material is also good for preventing water or blood based contaminants from soaking through the cap. There are reusable personal surgical caps made from nylon as well. The biggest complaint most doctors and nurses have about using nylon surgical caps is that they tend to hold in heat more than cotton.
Another good material to consider for your surgical cap is cotton. It breathes well, can be found in all kinds of fun colors and patterns, and comes clean easily. If wet, the moisture will soak through the material, though. It’s up to the individual professional to pick which material suits their needs better.
Are there any other personal touches that can be added to surgical caps?
We have already talked about choosing your surgical caps in colors and patterns that appeal to you. You can decide to further personalize your caps by having them embroidered with your initials or name. Some surgeons and surgical nurses choose to have their surgical caps embroidered with their full names and titles or even a meaningful phrase or bible verse. Once again, you can choose anything that has meaning for you and may comfort the patient.

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