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Why do doctors wear doctor coats anyway?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Once upon a time, medical doctors had lost their respectability with the general pubic. In the mid 1800’s, many of the medicines frequently prescribed by doctors were proven to be ineffective or harmful to people by the science community. In order to reestablish their respectability, many doctors started wearing the same lab coats as the scientists. It helped to give the patients their trust back in medical doctors.
It didn’t take long for the doctor coat to be a symbol of status even among the medical community. The longer the doctor coat was the more seniority and prestige the doctor in question was thought to have. In today’s hospitals and doctor offices, the doctor coat is used for identifying purposes and to protect the clothing of the doctor.
What kinds of materials are doctor coats made out of?
It is possible to order disposable doctor coats. These products are typically made from the same polypropylene material as bouffant caps and scrub hats. They are perfect for visiting doctors or in a pinch when the doctor has soiled or forgotten their personal doctor coat. However, for the most part, doctor coats are made from a cotton polyester blend. You can usually find them with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The cotton helps to keep the doctor coats cool to wear, while the polyester is used to ensure that the doctor coats are stain resistant and long lasting.

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