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Are warranties offered on the commonly found fully electronic adjustable hospital beds?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Especially in the home setting, it’s important to know if you have any recourse if you develop a problem with a piece of equipment as important as an adjustable hospital bed. With the electric adjustable hospital beds, most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the bed frame itself and with good reason. The bed frame alone has reinforced steel corners that are designed to provide the most stability and safety for the patient. These beds are designed to support up to 460 lbs. of weight.
Another aspect of the fully electric adjustable hospital bed that you can’t overlook is the motor warranty. You will need a working motor to ensure the comfort of the patient both during resting hours and when the patient must be seated upright or on a vertical angle. The warranty for this incredibly important feature of the bed is generally about one year.
What extras are available with most adjustable hospital beds?
You can choose to add casters for easy movement of the adjustable hospital bed as well as any type of bed rails that are appropriate for the model you have chosen. Both head and foot boards are typically available as well, for appearance sakes as well as for patient safety.

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