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How does a neuromuscular stimulator work to provide the much needed relief for muscles caused by a huge variety of injuries and ailments?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The medical community has been using technology like ultrasound waves, lasers, and electric current for a long time in the quest to improve patient health in a safe and effective way. The neuromuscular stimulator is just another tool in the long line of useful products. Patients may at first be put off by the idea of electric current being sent into their muscles, but a bit of education will go along way in assuaging any fears. Simply explain that the neuromuscular stimulator is designed to stimulate natural endorphins in the body, relieve discomfort and pain from the muscles, and improve blood circulation to the area. The patient determines how intense the pulse width, or the strength of the electrical current, is. The frequency, or speed at the pulse delivery, has a lot to do with how effective the treatment is as well. Once you make it clear, and the patient has tried it out on their own and discovered what a pain free day can be like, you won’t have any trouble getting your clients to try this technology out for themselves. In medical office demonstrations are a good way of instructing the patient in the right way to maintain and use their neuromuscular stimulator. Fortunately, they are made to be easy to use and most people won’t have any trouble getting the hang of it.

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