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What are the benefits of the neuromuscular stimulators to the patient in regards to convenience and ease of use?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Since neuromuscular stimulators are used with huge success in both the clinical office setting and in the home for pain relief as needed, these machines offer a lot of convenience to the patients. The entire unit, including the carrying case, only weighs about 5 to 6 pounds, so there is no problem with travel needs or taking the unit out of the house to use whenever there is a problem. It’s also pretty convenient that once the patient has the neuromuscular stimulator in place, muscle pain relief is only a few minutes away, as opposed to having to wait up to an hour for traditional medication to have any effect.

Medically speaking, what kinds of benefits with the use of a neuromuscular stimulator offer the patient?

Besides the convenience and non addictive qualities of working with this type of therapy, it’s important that the treatment is effective. Neuromuscular stimulators have proven themselves to be useful on several muscle pain fronts. The most common use for these units is in the cases of injury or diseases like arthritis. It is also used for sports related injuries. Neuromuscular stimulators are great for improving previously poor blood circulation and muscle spasms, as well as helping with cardiac conditioning. The placement, frequency, and pulse width are work together to help correct a host of medical problems.

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