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Are the closures of hospital gowns important in patient care?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If you were to perform an opinion poll of your patients asking their least favorite feature of hospital gowns, the most common complaint is going to be the open back gowns. The material used in the gown, whether it is cloth, plastic, or paper, is less important than the concern that butt cheeks are going to sneak out of the gown. So, the answer to that question is most assuredly a yes. However, there are times when a side tie style patient gown simply isn’t going to do.

While it’s always important to be concerned about your patients’ comfort and convenience, explain your choice in gowns and be sure your client wears the best gown for the situation. Keeping a supply of back and side tying gowns is a good way to offer the best of both worlds.

What are isolation hospital gowns used for and how should they be cared for?

Isolation hospital gowns are used for cases in which it is likely that blood or another potentially harmful substance is likely to be present. For the most part, the isolation gowns are worn by the medical professionals, even though they are used for the protection of the patient and medical team. Common sense dictates that placing the patient in a gown with long sleeves is going to be counterproductive to actually treating the patient.

The type of isolation hospital gown is going to have a lot to do with how they are cared for. The disposable type of these gowns is simple to take care of. Just keep them in a clean, safe environment until its time to use them and then throw them away in a biohazard safe receptacle after use. With the cloth type of isolation gown, it is best to send the soiled gowns to a hospital laundry service where the proper chemicals and cleaning techniques are used to ensure the gowns return clean and contaminant free.

What choices can you expect to be given when ordering hospital gowns for your office, clinic, or hospital department?

Length is often a big decision involved in choosing your hospital gowns purchase. Shorter or cap length are great for examining the upper body, while longer gowns are ideal for just about everything else. You will also have to decide if you need gowns that allow for IV usage. Many medical settings, especially the hospital or long term care facilities, often find having a sufficient supply of both IV and regular hospital gowns to be beneficial.

The style of the hospital gowns is also pretty important. A selection of these is also useful. Sleep shirt gowns are perfect for those patients who no longer need a great deal of hands on care, while side or back tying hospital gowns allow for easily procedures and direct care. There are plenty of sizes available from kids’ sizes all the way up to bariatric sizing. With some careful planning, finding the correct assortment of hospital gowns for your office won’t be a problem.

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