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What characteristics do all medical training manikins have in common?

Monday, March 09, 2009

For many medical and training settings, in order to cover all of the necessary bases, more than one type of training manikin is needed. It only makes good sense to be sure the manikins you order are of the finest quality and are built to last. Any medical supply company you work with should be willing to go over any of the details you want to discuss, but it’s important to use your common sense during this process as well. For durability as well as ease of cleaning, look for medical manikins that are made from steel on the interior and heavy plastic on the exterior. Especially water rescue manikins should have rust resistant steel on the inside for a long life being used in the water.
When it comes to manikins like CPR or patient care manikins, many of them also come equipped with a supply of masks or safety covers for the mouth area of the manikin. It’s just a safety precaution to try to limit cross contamination among the staff or class members. How can the different medical training manikin sizes be beneficial in a classroom setting? Accidents and tragic circumstances occur despite the best of intentions. The result can be child or young people being injured or in need of first aid. Giving medical field students and emergency personnel the opportunity to work with units that are infant and child sized helps ensure that if and when the need arises, they are ready for action and feel somewhat comfortable working on such a small patient. In service industries like day cares or schools, this type of training can be life saving. It’s crucial for success that the team be trained on these young people. The smaller sized training manikins are also important tools for those working in the geriatric fields. As people age, their size often diminishes as well as their bone density. Smaller medical training manikins are great for helping health care workers get a grasp in the difference in working on a younger adult and helping an elderly patient.
What are some methods for ensuring that you are ordering the right training manikins for your needs?
Few things are more frustrating than being in need of supplies, making your order, and finding out that it wasn’t quite what you had in mind. Then, you have to waste time sending the products back and wait for a refund before you can order the right thing. There are a couple of ways you can avoid this headache with your medical training manikin ordering. The old fashioned method of ordering from a catalog has its advantages. Just to ensure that you have all of the details correct, you might want to call the company and ask the pertinent questions. For the fastest results and most convenient shopping experience, nothing can beat online websites for the most accurate product descriptions and easiest ordering. Most websites also offer other contact resources if you need them.

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