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What are the primary functions of hospital cubicle curtains?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

As most medical professionals are aware, the hospital cubicle curtains have many different uses. Naturally, the first one that comes to mind is patient privacy. Any good doctor or nurse knows that the more privacy and comfort a patient can feel the more cooperative they will be and the more effective their treatments will be. Of course, if the patient is there to have test run, you can count on better, more accurate results when the patient is as comfortable with the situation as possible.
Hospital cubicle curtains also fulfill the requirements on privacy provided by state and federal laws. The wide selection of curtain styles, patterns and even panel lengths and widths ensures that your office, examination room or patient care area can be private but also relaxing. Choosing the right hospital cubical curtains to match your décor or add a touch of color to the room isn't difficult given the variety of materials, patterns and even fabrics available.
In what areas of the hospital can hospital cubicle curtains be used?
The first thought that comes to most people’s minds when they think about hospital cubicle curtains is the emergency room. It’s no secret that hospital cubicle curtains are an important asset in this area of the hospital where there is often no time to find more discreet rooms to treat injured and sick patients. The cubicle curtain allows discreet, but fast medical treatment to take place. Disposable hospital cubical curtains that contain liquid repellent fabrics are an ideal match for these areas.
Using the more colorful or patterned curtains is a great option for pediatric wards and units. Not only does adding a bit of color tend to take away from the hospital like setting, but it provides a more cheerful background for patients and their families. Antibacterial and antimicrobial curtains are a great option in these settings as they are very hygienic while still practical in providing privacy.
What features can you expect to find with hospital cubicle curtains?
Hospital cubicle curtains aren’t necessarily a one size fits all product. They can be ordered in just about any size or design that fits the medical office or hospital need. Of course, they are available in a variety of different colors to match the décor of the triage or waiting area. Prints and patterns are an option as well. Color isn’t the only thing you get to choose when you order and use hospital cubicle curtains. They also come in a multitude of sizes and lengths as well. Depending on the level of privacy needed, you can order full length or shorter curtains. The grommets used to attach the curtains to the hooks or carriers should be heavy duty to prevent tearing of the fabric with use. Hospital cubicle curtains may also have a plastic or mesh border around the top, adding a more airy or open environment for patients within the privacy curtains. Environmentally manufactured curtains made of a special type of polyester are a great option since they can be recycled into new curtains after use. The dyes used in these curtains are also environmentally safe, making these a true green product.

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