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What options are there for mounting cubicle curtain tracks?

Monday, June 08, 2009

There are two basic options for mounting cubicle curtain tracks of any size or variety. The first option is a ceiling mount, which allows the track to be installed flush to the ceiling. This is a good option for anywhere that a flat, standard height ceiling is available. Tracks that are ceiling mounted are sturdy and secure and will be durable, ideal for emergency rooms or patient care areas with high usage. Suspended cubicle curtain tracks do not mount directly to the ceiling but rather hang down from the ceiling. The track is still affixed to the ceiling through the use of 1-inch aluminum tubes that are attached to the ceiling by flanges. There are also wall mounting brackets that are used to provide support at the ends of the tracks that terminate against a wall. The suspended cubicle curtain tracks are an excellent option if the ceiling is higher than average or if there are obstructions or equipment that is mounted to the ceiling in areas where a track would need to go. Suspended cubicle curtain tracks are also a good way to increase lighting within the cubicle area and provide a more open appearance while in the cubicle. What are cubicle curtain tracks made of? Hospital cubicle curtain tracks need to be both lightweight and highly durable. The best material to achieve both of these criteria is aluminum. It is naturally rust resistant, even before treating, plus it is strong and very light. This ensures that tracks, even suspended cubicle curtain tracks, are not going to be at risk of pulling out ceiling panels due to their weight. To finish the cubicle curtain tracks to a glossy appearance they are coated with a baked enamel surface, usually in white. This color will match with any curtain color plus it is always clean looking and matches most hospital and clinic d├ęcor. The inside of the cubicle curtain track is coated with a highly stick-free Teflon coating. They are also pre-lubricated, ensuring that the carriers will glide or roll inside the track with ease. What types of carriers or hooks are used? Carriers, which are the way the curtain is attached to the cubicle curtain tracks, are made of durable solid nylon. This is a non-rusting material that allows smooth gliding or rolling within the lubricated and Teflon coated track. Since they don't rust or become pitted as some metal can, they will continue to provide ease of opening and closing the curtains. Both the glide and the roller style carriers provide a swivel that is also nylon. This swivel is attached to a chrome plated lightweight steel hook, which is then inserted into the grommet of the curtain. Breakway carriers are entirely made of nylon and provide very lightweight carriers for a variety of different types of curtain styles. End stops are attached to the ends of either the ceiling mounted or the suspended cubicle carrier tracks to stop the carriers from being pulled out of the track.

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