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How many binders can most chart storage carts hold at one time?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The answer to this question really depends on the size of the chart storage cart. There are smaller, more lightweight plastic carts that can hold as few as 10 binders to the much more heavy duty chart storage carts that can hold up to 36 three inch binders. Selecting the right sized cart is really a function of what and how you will be using the cart for. For rounds the smaller cart is very light and easy to maneuver even in small hospital rooms and patient examination areas. The larger, heavier styles of chart storage carts are perfect for use in therapy rooms, doctors offices or conference and meeting rooms where larger numbers of charts may need to be reviewed in the same area. What options are available for chart storage charts that should be considered before a purchase?
As mentioned above there are several different uses for chart storage carts and the most important options really depend on what the intended use is for the cart. For those that are looking for chart storage carts to complete patient rounds, the smaller, lightweight plastic cards are both durable and practical. In addition these carts can be accessed from either side, making it easy to retrieve and replace binders as necessary. The larger sized chart storage carts that may be kept in an office or meeting room can be equipped with a locking front, ideal for keeping patient records out of sight and away from access by unauthorized individuals. In addition these chart storage carts are designed with beautiful wood look surfaces and black metal frames, blending completely into the office furnishings. Since these chart storage carts are also fully enclosed they are great for transporting charts between buildings or within areas of a building. Charts are kept safe and secure the entire transit time. How are the charts secured onto the carts to avoid the charts from falling when the cart is in motion? Each shelf has a raised lip that works to prevent the charts from sliding off one side of the cart if it is not a chart storage cart model with an enclosed surface area. There is also a rubberized surface on each shelf that helps to hold the binders securely in place on the cart. Finally for added stability the shelves each have wire dividers that work like racks to hold the binders in place and prevent them from swaying back and forth when the cart is in motion. Pay close attention to the castors and wheels when purchasing a chart storage cart. The best wheels will be easy to swivel and will operate smoothly on both hard surfaces like linoleum or tile as well as carpeted surfaces. If the wheels turn smoothly and swivel there is less likelihood of the cart hanging up when transitioning from one surface to another, which can cause materials to spill from the shelves if the stop is sudden.

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