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What are the most important features on rolling laundry carts?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

There are several features that make rolling laundry carts more or less efficient within a hospital or health care facility. Perhaps the most important issue is the size of the cart itself. Rolling laundry carts that are very small will require multiple changes of liners or returns to the laundry facility, ending up in additional time and material costs.
Rolling laundry carts that are too large, on the other hand, may be awkward to maneuver in patient rooms, common areas and corridors. Finding the right size to hold laundry without being impossible to safely and easily move is perhaps the most important feature.
Easy cleaning and sterilization is also an issue with rolling laundry carts. Chrome finishes, aluminum and durable types of hard plastic are all good options. They can be treated with any disinfectant without discoloration, plus they are easy to and very quick to wipe down between uses.
What safety features should be considered when selecting rolling laundry carts?
Safety is going to be an important consideration in any hospital or health care facility. Although rolling laundry carts are not going to be constantly in patient rooms and common areas, making sure that some basic safety features are present is important.
Always check to make sure that rolling laundry carts have the option to lock the wheels to prevent the cart from moving when laundry is being loaded or unloaded. This prevents the cart from literally pushing into patient's beds or other furniture within a room. Specialized recessed handles are also an important consideration as they prevent any sharp or protruding objects from the cart itself. This will prevent or eliminate the concern of catching medical equipment with the handles when the cart is being turned or moved through crowded spaces. Handles on both ends to allow staff to easy maneuver the cart even in very confined or one-way type spaces is also an important safety consideration.
How heavy of a load can rolling laundry carts carry?
The amount of weight that rolling laundry carts are approved or guaranteed to be able to carry should be clearly stated within the specifications listed from the manufacturer. Some of the very heavy duty aluminum carts can carry up to 2000 pounds, certainly more than most staff would ever anticipate having to move. Lighter weight plastic rolling laundry carts may only be guaranteed for a few hundred pounds while the chrome laundry carts with the cage type mesh may be approved for up to 1200 pounds of load.
Some rolling laundry carts may have additional sections for storage of cleaning supplies or other essentials. These carts are often considered to be utility carts and are often the best option for smaller facilities that may not require specialized carts for every task. As with rolling laundry carts, utility carts come in a variety of styles and prices. Considering your needs and the uses you may have for the utility style cart before buying is important to ensure you get just what is needed.

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