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What are some of the different types of procedures that require a specialized hospital chair?

Friday, July 24, 2009

There are several different types of procedures that are made much easier by the use of a proper style of hospital chair. Perhaps the most common type of hospital chair that is always in use in clinics, hospitals and labs in the phlebotomy chair. This specialized hospital chair is specially designed to make blood collection easy for the technician as well as the patient. Another very specialize type of hospital chair is the podiatry chair. This chair typically is very easily adjusted to a low level for easy patient access, then is raised with an electronic motor to a comfortable position for examination. Other options on a podiatry chair include a range of reclining positions as well as lower leg elevations and additional leg rests for patients that are taller. Debris trays that attach to the footrest area provide additional working area for the doctor and staff. Emergency transportation is another important consideration in styles of hospital chairs. These lightweight types of secure chairs have wheels on the back legs and standard legs on the front, making them both mobile but also very stable. Ideal for moving patients short distances under emergency conditions these chairs are also a good option for businesses, airports and other public places where emergency evacuation may be needed. What are the basic features that are important in a blood drawing chair? Since blood drawing chairs are used so often it is important to find a hospital chair that works both for the patients as well as for the technician. One important feature for blood drawing or phlebotomy chairs is that they have enough options for adjustment to ensure that the patient's arm is connected in the correct position. A fully rotating arm rest for either right, left of both sides is important, and it should also be adjustable either up or down. This will allow the technician to comfortably set the arm rest position for tall or smaller people. A storage bin or compartment on this type of hospital chair is also important for storing any type of essential equipment and materials. Even patient information sheets can be kept secure and out of the way within these compartment. Easy clean up and disinfecting will be essential with these chairs. Molded plastic seats or vinyl padding on the seats makes sterilization very simple. All surfaces should be durable and smooth for easy clean up. Are there additional features that come with some of the hospital chair styles? Most hospital chair styles have a variety of additional features. Extra seats and cushions can be provided to make the chair comfortable for smaller adults or even children. Headrests and back supports are also important in both reclining and stationary types of hospital chair styles. Additional leg supports are optional on many chairs. Other key add-ons to hospital chair styles will depend on the type of chair. IV pole brackets are very important on many chairs, as are straps to secure the patient if the chair can double as a transport chair.

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