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How safe and practical are glass display cabinets in medical facilities?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Glass display cabinets are ideal for medical facilities including exam rooms, patient care rooms and even doctor's offices and storage rooms. In most cases and in virtually all new glass display cabinets the transparent surface area or windows are not actually glass, rather they are made of durable, unbreakable acrylic. This makes them a perfect choice for any area of a health care facility.
The obvious practical aspect of glass display cabinets is that viewing into the cabinet is simple, without having to open doors. This can dramatically save time as well as wear and tear on cabinets, particularly in rooms where several different staff may be using the same equipment. They are ideal for emergency rooms where every second counts when looking for materials, medical equipment or supplies.
Glass display cabinets are also very easy to clean. The acrylic surface is not as streaky as glass and a simple wipe down is all they need to stay clean and free from germs or bacteria. The wood, metal or plastic frames and doors are likewise very easy to clean and maintain, making an attractive, functional and very practical piece of office furniture.
What types of glass display cabinets are available? There are many different options when it comes to glass display cabinets and the best option for each facility will de different. For basic supplies or for first aid types of kits and equipment wall mounted glass display cabinets provide a small yet easily accessible storage area. Since the materials are clearly visible from the outside of the cabinet it is ideal for a wide variety of settings. These types of wall mounted glass display cabinets may have single or double doors, depending on the size and style that is needed.
Floor mounted or full sized glass display cabinets are a great addition to any type of patient care area. Some of the larger units are perfect for storing books and other materials where they are still easy to find yet protected from spills and damage. They can be wood and glass, stainless steel and glass or metal and glass or acrylic. Most of these types of full sized or wall mounted glass display cabinets will have one or more adjustable shelves, with the floor standing models typically having four or more adjustable shelves.
For patient care areas glass display cabinets that are also warming units are an important option. They can keep blankets and linens warm, and often have a special section for warming solutions as needed. Digital controls regulate temperature very accurately for safety.
Are glass display cabinets typically locking or do they simply close?
Locking options are available on all types of glass display cabinets from the wall units through to the under the counter and full sized glass display cabinets. Locking storage areas are very important in most parts of the hospital or health care setting so it is generally recommended to purchase the locking doors for use when and as needed.

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