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What are the most traditional styles of waiting room chairs?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Traditional styles of waiting room chairs typically include the Victorian style of chair. These chairs are ornate and elegant yet they are also very strong, durable and practical as waiting room chairs. Generally they have a wooden frame which comes in several different natural colors. Mahogany is the darkest color with walnut, light and medium oak the other common wood finishes. Any type of upholstery can be matched with the chair including patterns or solid colors. For waiting room chairs the most common type of upholstery is vinyl since it is easy to clean and sterilize and is also very durable and long lasting, despite the heavy wear it will receive. Colors range from neutral and earth tones through to blues, but all will be antimicrobial and flame retardant, allowing your office extra protection and safety. For very small waiting room areas with lots of patients, what types of waiting room chairs are the best? For smaller, busy waiting rooms, hospital waiting rooms and even in doctor's offices a stylish yet space saving type of chair is the most practical. Look for waiting room chairs that don't have arms as this actually makes a room look more spacious and provides a sense of more space around each chair. Lighter colors will add to the openness of the room while dark chairs will provide a bit of color and can be used to brighten up the room with bold upholstery colors. Simple, more modern designs also prevent the area from looking as crowded and they are much easier to clean and sterilize as needed. For a slightly larger space consider the same type or design of chairs but with arms, or consider mixing the two to allow patients and family members to select which chair they are most comfortable with. Always select chairs that are appropriate for the size of the room, avoid very large chairs in a small space or small chairs in a large space to make the room look balanced and appealing. Are there waiting room chairs that are good for elderly patients or those with special needs? For any patients that may find getting out of waiting room chairs difficult, power lift chairs are a great addition as waiting room chairs. These smaller sized chairs are not big and bulky like recliners and most look very similar to the high back standard types of waiting room chairs. These chairs can be placed in a corner area or against a wall and allow patients the extra help they need to simply lift out of the chair. The seat of the chair uses an electric motor to slowly and gently lift the seat upwards and forwards, allowing the patient to correctly position his or her legs and move from a seated to a standing position without the need for assistance from staff. These types of waiting room chairs are also great for people with spinal injury or pain, leg or neck problems or overall strength or mobility health concerns.

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