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What features are important on a home treadmill?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Looking for specific features on a standard home treadmill is important so that you know you are comparing the same factors on different models. Buying the first treadmill you see may not be the best option, nor is buying the one that is on sale, unless it has the standard features and safety options that you want to have. One of the key elements is the type of deck that the home treadmill offers. There are standard decks and low impact decks, with the low impact deck preferred by most people for a variety of reasons. For people that use the treadmill a lot, the low impact deck absorbs the shock of each foot strike, minimizing issues with shin splints and other foot related impact problems. Standard motors that have a specified continuous duty output are essential. If the home treadmill doesn't have this information the motor may not have a continuous running output, meaning it will slow down and speed up, regardless of the specific pace you have set. Not only does this effect your workout, but over time these types of motors are more likely to have serious and costly mechanical problems. Are there options on different models of home treadmills? There are several different options on various models of home treadmills that can make your workout experience much more pleasant and enjoyable. The more comfortable the treadmill is the more likely you are to use it, getting in lots of miles to help in your weight loss or cardiovascular fitness goals. Some of the features on the newer models of home treadmills include magazine holding racks with Plexiglass page stops to keep the magazine firmly in place over the digital readout panel. Other options include ledges for books and novels, or even headphone jacks and holders for your portable MP3 player or portable disk player. Water bottle holders are also a great additional feature as staying hydrated when you exercise is crucial. Home treadmills take up so much room, are there any smaller models on the market? Most home treadmills are fairly standard in size with dimensions of about 81 inches long and at least 32 or more inches wide. Although this is a fairly standard measurement, there are smaller and large models available. If you don't want to have a huge treadmill in the middle of your room, there are options for fold up home treadmill systems. These treadmills fold up into an upright position for easy storage against a wall or in a full length closet. Generally these types of home treadmills are on castors or wheels are relatively lightweight and easy for one person to manage. Another option may be to consider one of the sport style of home treadmills, which tend to be more streamlined and less bulky in appearance than the typical home models. These slightly smaller framed models are not necessarily going to be smaller in actual measurements, but they don't appear as large in a room and the more solidly constructed models.

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