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Is a single or a multiple seat athletic sports taping table the best option?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The answer to this question really depends on the size of the team and the type of sporting event you are preparing for. For example, if you are coaching a team or managing a sporting facility that hosts or plays multiple games per seasons and you have several players that may need to be taped, a multiple seat athletic sports taping table makes much more sense. If, however, you are in a smaller facility or are only going to have to tape one or two players or athletes, a single athletic sports taping table may be more than enough.
What is the advantage to a single athletic sports taping table that is movable?
The single seat athletic sports taping tables that are easily moved from locker room or team room to other areas can be very handy. It is possible to take the taping table with you if you are traveling, which wouldn't be possible with the large multiple player permanently secured to the wall options. The single athletic sports taping tables may have a bottom shelf or a bottom brace, the shelf does provide options for storing taping supplies and other equipment. This area is not enclosed nor can it be secured, however it does provide much needed space when preparing athletes for an event.
What is the average height of an athletic sports taping table and can they be adjusted?
Most single person athletic sports taping tables are going to be a standard 36 inches in height. For most people of average height this will be a comfortable level to tape either from a seated or standing position. However, there are larger taping tables, typically the two person tables, which may have optional adjustments. These tables can be raised or lowered to any height between 30 and 40 inches. The table moves up and down based on a crank attached to a hydraulic lift system. It can easily be operated by one person and makes a very handy addition if there are numerous people that need to be taped at one time.
These adjustable types of models as well as the module units may also have additional drawers and storage space under each seating unit and in between.
Can an athletic sports taping table be used for anything else?
Several different models of athletic sports taping table have optional filler pads that can be used to transform the two seat units into full treatment type tables. These can be very helpful in a locker room where a full examination table isn't required all the time. Some of these models also offer a single long pad that can be used to provide a treatment area on a standard taping table.
The weight capacity of these larger tables that double as treatment tables typically ranges between four and five hundred pounds, sturdy enough for even professional use in locker rooms and sports facilities.

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