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It appears that a portable exercise bike can be used by an individual regardless of their height or size, is this correct?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

One of the great advantageous of the portable exercise bike is that it is really just the control panel, the central console and resistance equipment and the pedals. There is no seat or frame, making this very lightweight and easy to move from location to location. Since there is no frame, literally anyone from a child to a adult of any height, weight or size can use the portable exercise bike.
To use the bike the console unit is placed on the floor in front of a chair, the couch or even beside a patient's bed. The feet are then placed on the pedals and the straps are tightened around the feet to prevent slipping. The individual then sits comfortably and pedals the bike, very similar to the experience of riding a recumbent type of stationary exercise bike.
How does a portable exercise bike provide a workout?
Just like with an upright or recumbent stationary exercise bike, a portable exercise bike has different levels of tension or resistance that can be set. This resistance makes pedaling the bike more or less challenging, depending on the fitness level and the particular goals of the rider or user. As people increase their leg strength or endurance, increasing levels of resistance can be used to continue on with the exercise program.
Resistance is adjusted with a simple dial that is locate just below the LED readout on the center console. The dial can be turned up or down to allow for increasing and decreasing resistance during a given workout. There are markers on the dial so records can be kept of the progress made with regards to the resistance used.
Does a portable exercise bike provide a full body workout?
While a portable exercise bike does provide a significant amount of exercise, it simply cannot provide a complete body workout. To do that you would need several different types of equipment or a set of free weights. However, the portable exercise bike does provide an option for an upper body workout that a stationary exercise bike cannot provide.
The console and the pedals can be placed on a table, a about chest level with the user. The non-skid protective pads on the bottom of the portable exercise bike protect the surface of the table from any scratches or marks from use. The hands are then placed through the straps of the pedals and grip the pedals like a bar. You can then use a pedaling motion with your upper body to provide more of a cardiovascular and shoulder workout before or after your cycling workout.
This additional option is a great way to add a whole new dimension to your exercise routine. Since the portable exercise bike is only about 16 pounds in total weight, it is easy to lift up and down, perfect for those that want a basic workout in their own home, office or room.

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