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What are the best types of hospital privacy screens to use in specialized rooms where magnetic equipment is in use?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Any room in the hospital or health care facility that has any type of metal sensitive type of equipment, which includes most imaging equipment, cannot have magnetic metal products in the room. This includes rooms for MRI tests as well as CAT and CT scans. There are actually two different and very practical options to still provide hospital privacy screens for patients as well as technicians and staff. The first option is a non-metallic type of frame. This is usually made of anodized aluminum for the frame and stainless steel for the folding hinges, both non-magnetic types of materials. This option provides a sturdy, strong yet highly movable screen for these specific and specialized rooms. Another options it to use the frames that are made of PVC tubing. These frames are white, however there are a variety of colors of curtains that are available to add color to any patient care or treatment room. How can you clean hospital privacy screens? Either the anodized aluminum or the PVC tubing types of frames for hospital privacy screens are easily cleaned with a wipe down with disinfectant. Since they are very durable materials and are naturally stain resistant, they are easy to keep looking clean as well as sterile for use in hospital and patient care areas. The mesh or curtains that form the actual screen component of the hospital privacy screens are typically made of vinyl. This material is natural mold, mildew and flame and fire resistant or retardant, making them ideal for hospital use. In addition the screens can be removed or changed as needed for complete and thorough cleaning. How movable are hospital privacy screens? Depending on the model or style that you select, they can be very easy to move to slightly more complicated. Most of the hospital privacy screens are very lightweight as they are either made of PVC tubing or lightweight aluminum. Some screens may be mounted on castors or rollers and they may fold up flat to each other or fold into a smaller triangle shape for easy moving and transport. The frame can be used as a handle to direct the hospital privacy stand along corridors and throughout the facility. The models that don't come on wheels or castors can typically fold flat onto each other, making a thin, lightweight option for moving. Since these types of screens are typically up to 70 inches in height, it may require two people to safely move the stand based models through crowded hallways, however they can easily be lifted by one person. Stacking and storing the tri-fold panel types of hospital privacy screens is also very simple. They can easily be stacked either in a standing or a flat position. Some of the shorter screens, which may only be up to 53 inches in height, can even store in closets and storage areas without having to remove upper shelving units.

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