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What options should be considered when selecting a C-Arm table?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

There are several different issues to consider when selecting a C-Arm table for your practice or health care facility. Since this is typically a more substantial piece of medical equipment both in size as well as in cost, it is important to consider all options and all possible uses you may have for a C-Arm table before deciding which table is best suited to your practice or needs.
One important consideration is if the table is adjustable with regards to height. Tables that can be automatically lowered and raised make it much easier for patients to be transferred from wheelchairs or even gurneys to the table, simply by lowering it into a comfortable position and then raising it to complete the imaging process. Another key consideration is if there is a need for a Trendelenburg tilt mechanism within the table. This allows different positions where the patient has the feet elevated, rather than just simply allowing the supine position.
Are there any companies that sell used C-Arm tables and equipment?
There are companies that do sell used and refurbished C-Arm tables and equipment that is almost in like new condition. There are, of course, some concerns with buying used equipment, however buying from a reputable supplier that offers a warranty on the equipment can be a great cost saving option.
Before considering used or refurbished C-Arm tables it is a good idea to shop around and compare prices. Many of the newer models of C-Arm tables that offer the essential components without all the extra features may be about the same price as the refurbished equipment, and will always provide a better option for resale should you decide to upgrade in a few years. Polycarbonate C-Arm tables are often very reasonably priced and are very durable and compatible with all C-Arm equipment, making them a good choice for someone just getting started or for hospitals or health care facilities that need multiple numbers of C-Arm tables and equipment.
What other uses are available for a C-Arm table other than in radiology specializations?
C-Arm tables are by no means just used in radiology labs, clinics and areas of the hospital or health care facility. They are also typically used in pain management centers, surgical centers and facilities that offer a wide range of treatment and medical services for patients.
When considering C-Arm tables for use in a variety of different types of medical practices, looking at the additional features is key. Some tables offer lifting and tilting options that can make positioning patients much easier. Dual tower models provide a more stable type of table, allowing patients to exit or mount the table from any position. This can be key in designing your patient examination or treatment room as it does give more options. Additional features such as pillows, extra table top pads and three position pads give the flat surface a lot of options for use in other types of treatment and diagnostic areas.

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