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What energy saving features are available on different types of electronic kitchen scales?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Most electronic kitchen scales are battery operated, although there a some that are AC powered and some that are dual battery and AC powered options. In general most of the electronic kitchen scales that are battery powered do have the option to use rechargeable batteries, which are much more environmentally friendly as well as cost saving over time.
Other energy saving features on many different types of electronic kitchen scales include auto off systems. These systems shut off the LED display and read out if the scale is not used for a set period of time. Typically touching the power on button is all that is needed to reactivate the scale, some may even come on with pressure on the weigh plate of the scale.
Is there a real difference in the price and the quality of electronic kitchen scales?
In electronic kitchen scales, as with almost any other type of product, there is a correlation between price and quality. The very low cost electronic kitchen scales often are not as accurate as the middle of the price range and the upper price range models, plus they typically also have a shorter overall life when used fairly regularly.
Less expensive electronic kitchen scales also tend to be more standard and basic in their features, often not offering the additional features that the top end models do. However, there are many companies that constantly take models out of service or change model styles, then reduce the price of existing "old" stock. Finding this higher priced scales at a discount price a great find and a terrific way to get an outstanding scale at a budget price.
How do electronic scales stay accurate?
Good quality electronic scales are designed to self-calibrate very quickly upon start up. This allows the scales to continually stay in balance, not like the old scales that had to be manually adjusted for. In addition electronic scales that are constantly used also have a zero function, bringing the scale back into balance with the simple push of a button.
Why is a tare function important on an electronic kitchen scale?
The tare function allows the user to actually zero the scale even though an item or items are actually on the scale. This is important if you want to weigh something that simply cannot be placed on the plate or in the basket provided with the electronic kitchen scale. In this case a bowl, plate or container can be placed on the scale when it is empty, then the scale button for the tare function is pushed. The item to be weighed is then added, and the scale automatically deducts the weight of the container in the read-out. This saves having to manually weight the container, weight the container and ingredients and then subtract the weight of the container. For people that use their scales often this saves a lot of headaches and possible mistakes.

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