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What are the best types of sanitizers and disinfectants to use in hospital and health care settings?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Having several different options when using sanitizers and disinfectants in health care settings is considered to be the best option. Some types of cleaners and disinfectants are easier to work with in different environments, plus some disinfectants have additional features such as room fresheners added right to the solution for clean, fresh smelling rooms.

Citrus based germicidal cleaners are a popular option in many facilities since they provide outstanding germicidal properties, have a pleasant citrus scent and don't use harsh chemicals that are not environmentally friendly. These products are also non-flammable, making them a good option for any type of patient care area.

What are the essential types of respiratory supplies that need to be on hand heading into the flu season?

Any breathing type supplies including air bags, tubing, adaptors, connectors and valves should all be kept in good supply. In addition home breathing machines such as the various types of CPAP machines are also important both year round as well as in the colder winter flu season. Extra oxygen cylinders, regulators and tank holders should also be available in the event of a flu outbreak within a specific community or area. Since additional breathing problems are typically a sign of all types of flu, colds and respiratory infections it is highly likely that a dramatic increase in the need for these types of respiratory supplies will occur.

Additional complications with flu outbreaks such as N1H1 and other types of Influenza A and B strains will also contribute to the demand for respiratory supplies. Since these supplies will also be needed year round, the flu season is definitely the time to check supplies and order in extras.

Are there significant size differences in breathing masks, bags and other types of respiratory supplies?

All manufacturers produce a range of sizes of different types of respiratory supplies and equipment for use on a variety of patients. Adult sizes are designed to fit the nose, mouth and head of an adult, depending on the device. Sizes for children range from those highly specialized for premature infants through to sizes for more mature children. Having the right size of respiratory supplies on hand only makes the staff's work that much less stressful. It also allows more effective administration of air, oxygen and medications to the patients because everything has been designed particularly for that patient's particular size.

Face masks including AMBU, B.O.C, R.B.S and clear silicone face masks come in a variety of sizes, each shaped and molded to fit a particular size of child or adult. Likewise air bags used for children, juveniles and adults are also different sizes to prevent the staff from having to worry about air volume entering into the lungs from incorrectly sized bags.

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