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What accessories or features are important in selecting a lab spectrophotometer?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Different systems of lab spectrophotometers offer various features that are either standard or accessories to the equipment. One feature that is fairly standard is a Peltier or zipper package that allows flowthru and constant and continuous temperature control. This is going to be important when testing different materials that may be temperature sensitive. A sample compartment that can be adjusted to suit the size of the sample is another important accessory that is standard in most models of lab spectrophotometers. This provides more opportunity for testing even small sample sizes as opposed to having a standard sized sample for each and every test. Cuvette holds that have different positions are also an important feature that makes the equipment both practical and easy to use. Standard four position cuvette holders are ideal for almost every use and typically are all that a lab will require. Auto zero functions on your laboratory spectrophotometer are also standard on many models but are an important consideration. This function prevents unnecessary errors as technicians can always be assured that the equipment is zeroed and ready to use after each and every test.

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