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How is medical imaging paper different from standard photograph quality paper available at any store?

Friday, December 03, 2010

Although at first glance at the two types of paper medical imaging paper and photograph quality printer paper may appear to be very much the same. This is particularly true with very high quality photograph printer paper. However, the exact manufacturing of the paper is very different, providing a specific definition and clarity to the medical imaging paper that is more in keeping with the image of an x-ray or a brain scan than seen in a photograph. Medical imaging paper that prints in both color and gray scale actually has the same film or coating that an x-ray has, although it is fused to the paper base differently than a traditional x-ray film. This is actually a polyester coating that ensures the image is crisp, exact and clear and also very durable and long lasting. Medical imaging paper can print their digital images or video in true color. For these printers the ribbons are already developed with the color imbedded in the ribbon. The entire ribbon cartridge or cassette is simply replaced when needed, not requirement to constantly keep adding the various colors of ink as a standard printer uses. What is high definition and glossy medical imaging paper and how is it better than standard medical imaging paper? Most people are comfortable with the term high definition, but how much does it really impact a medical video or digital imagine. The truth is that high definition medical imaging paper makes a huge difference in both color as well as gray scale imagines. They are much clearer and even the tiniest detail is clearly defined in the image. There is no fuzziness or blurring of the lines of the image, everything is in complete clarity and crispness. Glossy paper also adds to the development of the image and can also help to extend the life of the document once it is printed. Glossy paper tends to be much more durable than standard medical imaging paper. How do I know what type of medical imaging paper fits my printer? This question is one that gets asked very often, especially when people order medical imaging paper only to find it jams up in the feeder or the tray or doesn't seem to print out with the specific imaging printer in use. It is important to order medical imaging paper based on the specific model and style of printer you are using. Some printers use roll imaging paper, often these are ultrasounds, while others use standard sheet paper like a traditional desktop printer. The good news is that most standard models of roll or sheet medical image printers can work very with generic types of medical imaging paper. It is still important to buy a generic paper that is very high quality and that is indicated for use with your specific printer. If you aren't sure or the model number and manufacturer isn't listed on the generic paper specifications, call the customer service line and ask for verification. This will save you the cost of shipping it back if it doesn't work.

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