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What are the components of emergency first responder kits that are different than basic first aid kits?

Monday, December 20, 2010

In general emergency first responder kits will contain a fair number of similar items to a basic first aid kit, just on a much larger scale. While a basic home type of first aid kit o a kit for a vehicle may hold a few bandages, general emergency first responder kits will hold boxes of different styles, types and sizes of bandages, all for very specific types of use. Since general emergency first responder kits are used by those trained as EMT's or highly trained in emergency first aid, much more advanced types of treatment options are available immediately to the patient, often making the difference between life and death. Emergency first responder kits also tend to contain a wider variety of basic options such as different types of tapes, including waterproof surgical tapes, splints, cold packs, trauma pads, antibacterial and germicidal wipes, burn treatment medications and gels, eye wash, emergency blankets and surgical gloves, CPR shields, tweezers, medical scissors elastic types of bandages for immobilizing injured limbs. What are the important considerations for emergency first responders kits with regards to portability? Unlike standard first aid kits, emergency first responder kits may have to be transported both inside and outside. They are also much larger than standard kits, often weighing over 15 pounds so it is important that they be easy to manage even through disaster areas or outdoor travel. Often the emergency first responder kits are semi-rigid in design to completely soft, often in a sports bag or kit style of design. They should have a durable shoulder strap with padding as well as handles for easy handling over any type of ground. The shoulder strap should be adjustable to fit first responders without discomfort or pulling. The kits typically have several additional features that make them both portable as well as durable. They are often nylon, water resistant as well as very long lasting even when constantly in use. The zippers should be reinforced as should all seams, handles and straps. The bags typically have several external compartments included larger areas on either end as well as across the sides for the most commonly used first aid items. What additional medical equipment is found in emergency first responder kits that is not found in other types of first aid kits? Depending on the type of emergency first responder kits there are several different options for specific types of medical equipment. Many EMT kits will contain stethoscopes as well as blood pressure cuffs, radios or recording devices for vital signs, as well as small defibrillators and basic types of medications that may be required in emergency situations. These additional medical supplies are not offered in standard first aid kits and are really designed to be used by those trained as first responders. Generally most emergency first responder kits will also include biohazard bags or full bloodborne kits, ideal for protection for first responders as well as site clean up.

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