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How do I know what size of Rx safety glasses I should order?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

There are standard styles and sizes of Rx safety glasses available. Just like regular glass frames they are fairly standard in their sizing for adults, with options that allow for adjustment at the temples with spring fitting arms as well as the option to shorten or lengthen the arms. Most standard sizes of these safety glasses will fit all adults very comfortable, especially if you are only required to wear them for shorter periods of time during the day. There are some styles of glasses that are designated for individuals with small or narrow faces or those with wider faces. These differentiations can be important considerations if you are concerned about a specific fit or if you have difficulty in wearing standard types of Rx glasses. If you aren't sure what size to consider check with the manufacturer and you may be able to find a store or medical supply company in your area that would provide the opportunity for you to try on different styles to see which fit is the best. What frame styles and options are available? Depending on the specific type of Rx safety glasses there are different options for frame styles and color options available. Some come with clear frames and lenses, perfect for providing an unobstructed view while still looking very stylish. There are also other styles and brands of Rx safety glasses that have several different frame colors to choose from. These not only include the traditional colors of black and brown but also blue, green, red and tortoise shell, a great option for personalizing your safety eyewear. Another important consideration in Rx safety eyewear is the use of side shields. In leaded glasses, which protect the eye from radiation, these side shields are essential. Determining what type of use requirements you have for your glasses will help you determine which frame styles and options are best for your individual needs. Of course you can also have more than one type of safety glasses or you may even want to consider glasses combined with goggles for complete protection from chemical splashes and common types of debris. How do I provide my Rx and what types of lenses can they provide? Rx safety glasses come in all the same types of Rx as your regular reading glasses. If you need leaded glasses you can also order the glasses without a Rx lens if you have normal eyesight. For those that need Rx the glasses are available in singe vision or bifocal, which does leave the visible break between the close and distant vision aspects of the lens. A progressive lens, which allows a gradual change between support of close or far objects is a great idea for someone that is having to change their focus while wearing the Rx safety glasses. This type of lens is not much more than single vision or bifocal and can really make wearing the glasses for long periods of time much easier on the eyes. To order Rx safety glasses, please print out and complete our online Rx form and fax it back to 713-706-4161.

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