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If I have a wide or narrow face do I have options in selecting a type of safety eyewear that will fit and be comfortable to wear?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Depending on the style and type of safety eyewear you are considering there are definitely options available for those individuals with very wide or very narrow faces. The vast majority of all adults can wear the same size of glass frames, which makes shopping for supplies for a laboratory or medical facility simple and straight forward. However, individuals with very narrow or wide faces will have difficulty with standard sizes of protective glasses. Individuals with wide faces will find the glasses tight and uncomfortable while those with narrow faces will not have much protection because of the large gaps between the glasses and face. Having a few glasses that are suited for these different face sizes is a good option in a small or large hospital or lab facility. If you are in doubt check with the manufacturer about the head sizes the glasses fit, they will be able to provide information on sizing. Are there men's and ladies styles of safety eyewear or is it all the same? In general safety eyewear is designed to be unisex or equally wearable for both men and women. However, men do tend to have wider faces and women may have smaller and narrower faces, which lends to different styles fitting more specifically for different genders. Typically the aviator styles of safety eyewear with bigger frames and larger lenses are best suited to those with larger faces, while smaller, narrower faces often are best suited to the wrap around styles of glasses. Colors can also be a factor in choosing for males and females. Some safety eyewear is only available in standard colors such as clear, black or brown which can be worn by either men or women. Some companies make very distinctive colors in their safety eyewear including pink, bright blue, green, red or even the tortoise shell colors, which may be suitable more for a man or a women depending on personal tastes and favorite colors. How much do most types of safety eyewear cost and how long are they under warranty for? A high quality pair of safety eyewear is an investment in your eyesight and your overall safety. Most types of these highly specialized glasses are under two hundred dollars, however some of the progressive lens types of prescription safety glasses are slightly more expensive. When considering cost it is essential to keep in mind that these glasses are designed to be both wear and scratch resistant, typically lasting for years with just a minimal amount of care. Manufacturers of the best type of safety eyewear offer warranties with their glasses. The leaders in the industry offer two years of full warranty, which covers typically use of the glasses. If you do have prescription glasses the warranty will not apply for changes in your prescription, but it will cover other types of defects in the glasses. To order prescription leaded glasses, please print out and complete an online prescription form and fax it back to 713-706-4161.

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