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Why are safety glasses side shields important for both prescription and non prescription safety eyewear?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Safety shields on safety glasses provide additional protection from both chemical splashes, debris and radiation. While not as comprehensive in their protection as goggles, they do add an additional level of safety when working in a variety of environment both within and outside of medical imaging rooms and research labs. Leaded safety glasses side shields help to reduce the exposure of the eye to any type of radiation used in medical treatments as well as x-ray and imaging rooms. Even though the majority of radiation exposure is to the front of the lens, additional protection on the side helps to dramatically reduced any chance of radiation related eye health problems over time. For general eye protection from debris or contact with liquids in the form of chemical splashes, side shields are also helpful. While they don't provide the tight fit with the skin that goggles do the wider area over the outside corner of the eye to the temple is protected from direct contact with flying debris, particles or even liquids, allowing you a greater level of safety. What styles are available in safety glasses with side shields? Like most types of safety glasses, side shields on the frames come in a variety of styles. A popular style is the Euro style which is more like aviator glasses. The glasses themselves are lightweight yet also very durable with a rounded, larger lens area. The side shields are typically clear and provide good protection to the open area between the outside of the frame and the temple area. A more wrap around or streamlined type of fit is also possible. These types of glasses are narrower and more rectangular in shape than the Euro style but they still allow a full, large lens area for easy visibility. The frames may be just over the tops of the lenses or they may completely surround the lenses. The side shields can be clear or they can be incorporated into the style and color of the frame, more in keeping with a sunglass design or style. These glasses are great for wearing under caps or protective headgear and can have straight arms or traditional hooked type arms with or without options for adjustment at the temples. Are there any safety glasses with side shields available to wear over prescription glasses? Yes, if you don't want to have a separate pair of prescription safety glasses with side shields you can choose a design that fits comfortably over your prescription glasses. These styles are typically more of the wrap around style but they are carefully developed to avoid putting pressure on your other glasses, allowing you to wear both pairs with comfort. These glasses may have different options for frame colors, as do some of the prescription options. They are also available in different sizes to correctly fit the width of the face. To order prescription leaded glasses, please print out and complete an online prescription form and fax it back to 713-706-4161.



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