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Lab Safety Glasses Q & A

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is the difference between lab safety glasses and safety goggles? Lab safety glasses are different than lab goggles or safety goggles in a variety of ways. First, lab safety glasses can come in standard lenses or with prescription lenses, goggles do not, they only come with a standard lens for protection. In addition lab safety glasses look and feel more like standard glasses. They are designed to sit close to the face like any pair or regular glasses or sunglasses but they aren't snug to the skin on the temples, cheeks and the forehead. Goggles will fit very snug to the skin and typically have additional ventilation on the side to allow heat and moisture to escape since there is a seal around the skin next to the eyes. Goggles can be worn over lab safety glasses but they also protrude much farther from the face. They are adjusted with an elastic strap around the back of the head while safety glasses have arms just like any other type of glasses. The frames can be molded to fit the bridge of your nose or they have anti-slip types of soft rubber to comfortably hold the glasses in place on your nose. If I have prescription glasses do I also need to wear lab safety glasses, after all they are both glasses? Prescription glasses are not the same as lab safety glasses and they cannot be used as a substitute for eye protection. Regular prescription glasses are designed with vision only in mind, and of course style, but safety glasses are specifically designed to limit the risk of injury or damage to your eye. Leaded safety glasses prevent exposure of the eye to radiation from various sources while prescription eyewear will not provide any protection in these types of environments. In addition prescription glasses are not as durable as lab safety glasses in preventing materials and debris from making contact with the eye. This can include chemicals and hazardous liquids or solids, many which can cause chemical burns and extreme pain if they do make contact with the eye or the delicate skin around the eye. Can I find prescription lab safety glasses that don't look like safety glasses? There are a wide range of styles of prescription and non prescription lab safety glasses that are both stylish as well as provide very comprehensive protection for the eye. There are some styles that look similar to wrap around sun glasses or sports styles of glasses and these may even come in leaded glasses for use in areas with radiation. Certain in-vogue styles are also very popular as are more traditional styles that have fully adjustable frames for a comfortable fit. Safety glasses with side shields typically look a bit more like protective eyewear than those without, but they still are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Customizing the frame color is a great way to add a personal touch and some models offer five or six different colors and patterns in the frames to select from.

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