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Friday, April 08, 2011

What is the typical cost of laser eye protection devices such as laser glasses or laser safety goggles?

As with most safety equipment, there is a wide range of prices for laser eye protection devices. This is definitely not an area where shopping only at websites offering deeply discounted prices is a good idea. Health and safety should be taken seriously when working around this type of equipment. Most companies offering laser eye protection carry a range of products that will fit your organization's needs while meeting its budget. Typically, prices vary from around two hundred and fifty dollars to just over three hundred dollars a pair. Choosing polycarbonate lenses over glass lenses, as well as selecting frames that are lower cost can help decrease the expense of these items without reducing the quality of protection for your employees and technicians. Prescription types of radiation eyewear are in the same price range, of course depending largely on the type of lens and the specifics of the prescription.

Where can I purchase laser eye protection and how many glasses or goggles am I required to purchase in an order?

Purchasing laser eye protection online is a good option that can save you time and money. Some companies may require that you purchase a minimum dollar amount or number of items, but there are also companies that allow any size of order. If this is the first time ordering with a company, consider placing a small order and checking out the shipping charges, delivery time, and the ability of the company to make the sale work for you as the consumer. If you wish to be invoiced, or set up an account with the company, this will also be a consideration you will need to research before placing the order.
It is important to carefully read and understand the return policy, no matter which online company you order from. Some companies only allow returns within a set time of the order and only for very specific reasons. Some may also charge a restocking free for you to return the product. In most cases, you will also be required to pay the return shipping charge. Knowing the policy and following any specific requirements for a return will make the transaction as smooth as possible in the event that the laser safety eyewear isn't what you wanted.

With very dark tinted lenses for specific laser wavelengths what additional considerations need to be in place?

Depending on the type of laser system in use, the glasses or goggles may have very dark tinted lenses. If this is the case, additional light sources may be needed for employee safety and vision. If vision is restricted because of the combination of dark lenses and overall reduced lighting, it is not a safe work environment. Check all requirements and follow all OSHA and ANSI standards for both workplace lighting as well as laser safety protection in the workplace. Having a work area with enough visibility, combined with the correct laser eye protection will allow for a safe and smooth experience.

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