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Mobile Lead Barrier Q & A

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How mobile are the various models and types of mobile lead barriers in a hospital or medical facility?

By their very name, a mobile lead barrier is designed to be easy to move within any type of medical or research type of facility. They are relatively lightweight, not much over 100 pounds, but they are on a stand that has four wheels. There are two wheels in the front, and two in the back, with the barrier mounted in the middle. This allows the entire mobile lead barrier to be easily pulled or pushed between rooms, similar to a portable blackboard or whiteboard. With the design of the stand holding the mobile lead barrier, the entire structure is extremely balanced and stable for easy movement through even busy, congested hallways of hospital treatment areas. In addition, the wheels each have a simply locking device that can be easily engage or released by pushing up or down on the lever, identical to those found on carts, beds and other mobile furniture items in a hospital setting.

What is the typical size and weight of a mobile lead barrier?

Depending on the actual model and style of mobile lead barrier you select, the weight will vary slightly. However, these barriers are typically between 100 and 120 pounds. The thicker the lead layer, the heavier the unit will be but this is just factions of a millimeter difference, not a large weight amount at all. The sizes can range from up to 75 inches in height, counting the stand, to up to 48 inches in width. There are different combinations of height and width options available to suit your specific requirements and needs.

The thirty inch width offered in most standard sizes of mobile lead barrier or the slightly wider 48 inch option are suitable for protection for the average adult man or woman. For specialized settings that may require wider protection options two mobile lead barriers could be used in conjunction with each other. This is also an option if there is more than one technician in the room or if there are multiple desk or workstation areas in the room with the laser system.

What options are available with different styles of mobile lead barriers?

The biggest option difference between most styles of mobile lead barriers is the amount of window area on the barrier. The window is usually equal to a lead barrier of 0.5mm, satisfactory to meet OSHA and ANSI standards for use in typical medical and medical research applications. The window can be as large as required, including some mobile lead barriers that are completely glass, allowing maximum visibility will still providing the same type of protection for the technician that a half window half solid partition would provide. All models of these shields are very easy to clean and sanitize and typically come with a white, rust resistant, high durability paint.  Smaller window pane areas across the top of the barrier are a good idea if the technician has a table or desk area that should be kept out of view of the patient.

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