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Vinyl Exam Gloves Q & A

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can I use vinyl exam gloves when working with patients for home health care services?
Vinyl exam gloves are often the perfect answer for working with patients in a variety of different settings, including when providing home health care services. These gloves are not as tight fitting as latex, neoprene or nitrile, but they are quick and easy to get on and off, and very comfortable to wear for all types of work. They are ideal for low risk type of contact with patients and provide a good, durable barrier between contact with the patient and your skin. They are, however, not a good choice for preventing contact with body fluids and hazardous materials since they are not resistant to punctures and tears and may increase your risk of exposure
Are vinyl gloves a good choice for general doctor's offices and examination rooms?


Care needs to be taken when considering the use of vinyl exam gloves in examination rooms and physician's offices. This is because staff can become used to simply reaching for the vinyl gloves and not selecting a better level of protection when body fluid contact is a concern. However, vinyl gloves can be a handy option for clean up of the room between patients and general use with patients where body fluid is not a concern. One other consideration is the loose fit of the vinyl glove around the wrist area that may cause a greater risk of exposure of the skin to contaminants at this location. 
Vinyl gloves are ideal for general patient examinations, since they allow a great degree of tactile sensation for the wearer. They are not as tight fitting as other glove types and therefore may be more comfortable for some people for longer wear periods.

What other industries use vinyl exam gloves and for what purposes?


Vinyl gloves are use in a wide variety of different professions and industries besides the medical health field. They are commonly used in food preparation and are a good option for avoiding direct contact of the skin with food during preparation. They are also used in janitorial work and are moderately resistant to non-hazardous chemicals and cleaning products. Any type of hazardous product or chemical should be handled using a more durable glove that provides complete protection.

What options do I have when buying vinyl exam gloves?


Vinyl exam gloves can be both powdered and powder free. Since they are not tight fitting and highly snug gloves most people select the powder free variety, but it is largely a personal choice. In addition vinyl gloves can also come with a range of elasticity depending on the individual composition of the glove. The more elastic brands and styles may be more appropriate for medical use while the less elastic types are typically seen in other industries.

Vinyl exam gloves can be clear or colored and they can also contain additional features such as aloe inner coating for ease of removing and putting on the gloves.

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