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Laser Safety Eyewear Q & A

Thursday, April 07, 2011

What are the basic styles of laser safety eyewear?

There are two general types, and those are glasses and goggles. Both kinds have their pros and cons. When making a choice between the two, think about how much protection you and your employees require. You may also want to consider if anyone in your staff currently wears prescription eyeglasses. Laser safety glasses are great for people who wear contacts, or don't need prescription glasses. They come in a variety of styles, from aviator to wrap around, as well as very traditional lab glasses. Goggles are the perfect match for technicians, researchers and staff who wear prescription glasses, or those who need complete radiation protection for the eye and the area around the eye.

Do I have to worry about sizing the eyewear, or is there a difference I should be aware of?

Laser eyewear is designed to fit the average size of an adult head, regardless of if they are male or female. However, for some whose heads are larger or smaller than average, standard sizes of glasses may not fit comfortably. For these individuals, a more fully adjustable style of laser safety eyewear can be a perfect option. Styles of glasses with fully adjustable arms are a great idea, and so are goggles that allow you to tighten or loosen the fit with a simple elastic band behind the head. These adjustable options are also a great idea if multiple staff use the laser system. Rather than purchasing an individual pair for every employee, one pair of glasses or goggles can be left with the laser equipment, ensuring the right glasses are always used with the right system.

There isn't a medical supply store in my area, what is the easiest way to purchase laser safety eyewear?

For most individuals in charge of ordering supplies for research, medical, military or industry facilities that use laser systems, buying laser safety eyewear online is much easier than using a retail outlet. Typically, the cost of the individual items, even when shipping costs are included, is less expensive than buying through brick and mortar retail locations. In addition, most online retailers offer far greater selection than actual retail outlets have. You also have the ability to shop both nationally and internationally. However, if you are buying internationally, be careful to make sure OSHA and ANSI standards are in place for the laser safety eyewear you are purchasing.

What are three important considerations for buying laser safety eyewear online?

When buying laser safety eyewear online, it is important to consider three different points. First, look for websites that offer security in every aspect of the transaction. Second, make sure the company offers brand name products that you know and trust. Third, check all of the fine print when it comes to returning the product or making adjustments to orders after they have been placed. Make sure to find a reputable website to purchase from, so that you will receive a great product, as well as excellent service.

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