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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What options are there for an artery model for a patient examination room?
One of the best options for an artery model that is to remain in a patient examination room is a full model that is centered on a base. This model comes with a detailed educational card that sits behind the model and has an exact graphic replica of the model. On the illustration the various components of the artery as well as the effects of cholesterol and plaque deposits are clearly identified using correct medical terminology. Using this card helps the patient in following the doctor's information as well as in learning the actual terms used for the structures and conditions of the artery. These models are designed to be oversized with lots of detail to give the patient a very clear picture of the results of cholesterol and plaque in the circulatory system.

Is the same artery model used in a patient setting also a good option for using in a medical classroom?

One of the many benefits of using models of any type in a medical classroom is that students become very comfortable with the use of models. Students become familiar with the instructor and faculty using an artery model for medical explanations, helping the student to continue on with the presentation style when they are working with patients. A student that has experience in learning about cholesterol, plaque and artery damage through the use of an model will then see the educational benefit of using it with their patients.

The more that doctors are comfortable in using a variety of methods to share information with patients the better equipped they are to work with virtually anyone. The same types of anatomy model styles and types used in medical classrooms are very suitable for use with patients. Doctors can choose to provide as much or as little information to the patient as needed to ensure complete understanding of the patient's medical condition.

Is there a small, compact type of artery model that is perfect for doctors to use and easy to carry around on rounds or when working in a variety of examination rooms in a large clinical setting?

While a large oversized artery model complete with a stand and educational card is perfect for a desk, counter or examination room it is not always the best option to be carried to multiple rooms in a day. While there is always the possibility of having a model in each room there is still another choice as well. A small cylindrical model measuring just 1 3/8 inches in diameter and about 3 ½ inches long is perfect for slipping into a lab coat pocket on rounds or while working in clinical settings. This model works on a hinge pin that allows one or all of the four cross section pieces of an artery to be swiveled out for viewing. The model shows a normal artery at one end and a severely blocked artery on the other. The two middle rings show various degrees of cholesterol, plaque and diminishing diameter to the inside of the artery.

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