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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What are the common diseases shown on a thyroid model?

A good representation of the common thyroid conditions of Grave's disease, papillary carcinoma and lymphocytic thyroiditis, also known as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, are the most commonly depicted medical conditions seen on a thyroid model. Having a normal, healthy thyroid model is also an important consideration for patient discussions and comparisons pre and post diagnosis. Education cards with information on the specific diseases depicted in the model are a great reference and also a good way for patients to read the main points and symptoms of the condition.

How accurately does a thyroid model show the differences between a healthy thyroid and one that is malfunctioning due to disease?
All thyroid models will not show the same level of detail when depicting either the healthy thyroid or a diseased thyroid. The best quality models will have clear and accurate depictions of both with no confusion as to the specific condition that is represented. Other features to look for in a very high quality anatomical model include the option to interchange the thyroid on the larynx to show patients exactly what the disease looks like internally. Having a card behind the model that shows the location of the larynx and thyroid in relation to the throat, chin and head is also very helpful for a patient to see the anatomical relevance of the model. Information on the card about each specific disease or condition that also highlights the differences will make the model a very effective teach tool in the examination room.
As the physician you can choose to share more information about the symptoms of the specific thyroid condition that the patient is experiencing. Using a variety of other models of the body can be helpful in drawing the line between the functioning of the thyroid and the condition or symptom being experienced by the patient.

Can a throid model be used with other models to explain to patients why they are experiencing different symptoms because of their thyroid condition?

Depending on the specific thyroid disease or condition there can be a wide range of associated health problems. Different joint and organ models can be used together with a thyroid model to allow patients to understand how a small gland in their neck is affecting other parts of their body. With all the various possible complications and symptoms seen in thyroid conditions other models that are good to use can include a wide variety of body parts. A hand model that show carpal tunnel and tendonitis is a good option for many patients. A female reproductive model is also useful since menstrual irregularities are associated with many thyroid conditions. Artery models that show plaque and cholesterol building up in the arteries and the possibility of partial or full occlusion of arteries due to these deposits are also highly recommended. For patients that are experiencing a wide range of symptoms an entire body model or an anatomical chart that links back to the thyroid model can be a great resource in explaining the variety of symptoms they are experiencing.

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